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Sales Tax By Tax Table (Retail Pro 8-Series 8.52 and Above)

This modification uses a tax table to calculate sales tax for Receipt and Sales Orders.
Tax tables are set up at each store where a table should be used. Tax can be calculated
based on Receipt (or Sales Order) taxable totals or for each line item.

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The tax table data is set up in a simple user interface:

Once the table information is entered, the table is assigned to the Tax Areas and Tax Codes
it applies to.

At POS, the table data is used to determine the tax amount.

The modification operates by setting the tax percent of each line item so that the total
tax matches the table-based amount. Since this can result in varying tax percentages by
line item, the Receipt (or Sales Order) tax percentage field will not be correct. To
compensate for this, a custom tax percentage field is added to screen and document designs.
The modification sets this field to the base rate of the tax table.

View the Installation Manual.

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