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Symbol CS1504 Scanner Interface (Retail Pro 8-Series 8.52 and Above)

This modification interfaces Retail Pro with the Symbol® CS1504 scanner. The Symbol
CS1504 is a portable "keychain" scanner that uses a USB interface. This modification will read the
bar codes from the CS1504 and place the corresponding items on any document in Retail Pro.
In addition, the scanner bar codes can be exported to a text file.
(Symbol is a registered trademark of Symbol Technologies, Inc.)

Contact your Retail Pro Reseller for pricing and to purchase this modification.

The scanner interface is activated from a side button on the Inventory,
Receipts, Sales Orders, Vouchers, Purchase Orders, Transfer Orders, Slips and Memos screens:
The Inventory screen side button brings up the Scanner Setup and Export screen:
The scanner configuration is set up
and tested from this screen.
You can also export the scanner contents
to a text file.
(Note that even though the scanner uses a
USB connection, a port is assigned to the
The side buttons on the document screens bring up the Read Scanner screen:
The bar codes from the scanner are read and the
corresponding items are placed on the document.
The interface function is fully automatic unless there is a
communication error or an item cannot be found.

View the Symbol Scanner Interface Install Guide (PDF)

View the Symbol Scanner Interface User Manual (PDF)