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M&M Multi-Store Gift Card Solution for V8 and V9

A true multi-store solution with real-time card authorization.
Works for V8, V9 and hybrid installations.
Takes standard private label gift cards.
Can issue gift cards as line items.
Licenses work for both versions.
Uses a stand-alone web service at the Main to service gift card requests.
Requires static IP or Dynamic DNS at the Main.
Provides a clear upgrade path from earlier M&M Gift Card solutions.

Contact Your Retail Pro Reseller to purchase this modification.
For V8, dedicated Redeem and Issue buttons are provided on the Tender screen.

For V9, the Gift Card tender is used.
For both versions, a GC Value button is provided on the Receipt and Customer screens so cashiers can quickly get gift card balances.
Gift Card Maintenance
This screen shows the card number, original customer, issue date, last
transaction date, issue amount, current value and status of gift cards.

The displayed cards can be filtered by card number, issue date, last transaction date and original customer.
Cards can be deactivated or marked as lost or stolen. It is also possible to print
a report of cards with activation date, original amount, current value and status
or export the gift card data to a text file with comma-separated values.

View the V8 Installation and Configuration Manual (PDF)

View the V8 User Manual (PDF)