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V8 Email Documents (Retail Pro 8.52 and Above 8-Series)

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This module allows the user to email Receipts, Sales Orders and Purchase Orders from Retail Pro.
All documents are emailed as PDF attachments. Retail Pro document designs are used to create the PDF files.

For receipts, the plugin can also print normal and EFT receipts. So it is possible to
have the plugin control the receipt printing as well as emailing.

This plugin requires that you install the Persits ASPEmail component available at www.Persists.com.

The plugin also requires the novaPDF printer software available at www.novaPDF.com.
There is a fee for the novaPDF printer software.

View the Installation Manual (PDF)

View the User Manual (PDF)

Contact Your Retail Pro Reseller for pricing and to purchase this modification.

Print/Email Receipt Screen
This screen is designed to replace the normal Retail Pro Print/Update
functionality. From this screen, the Cashier can print a normal receipt and/or print
an EFT receipt and/or email the receipt to the customer.
If there is a Bill To Customer with an email address on the receipt, the
Send To address is automatically filled in.
If there is not a Bill To Customer on the receipt, a new customer record
can be created.