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Customer Kiosk - Document Display With Optional Signature Capture - iPad or Genius

Display Documents for the Customer and Optionally Capture Signatures
  • Documents are displayed on the iPad or Genius.
  • Documents can be displayed for every receipt or sales order or displayed based on the DCS or UDF/Aux settings of items.
  • Optionally, customer signatures can be captured.
  • All documents are PDF files stored on the Retail Pro system.
  • If captured, signatures are appended to the PDF documents with datetime stamps and saved.
  • Documents can be printed with receipts or sales orders.
  • Centralized licensing.
  • Devices (iPad or Genius) can be assigned to any subsidiary/store/workstation.
  • Installation by install executable.
  • Click Here To See The iPad Demonstration Video

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    View the iPad Version Installation and User Manual (PDF)

    View the Genius Version Installation and User Manual (PDF)

    Document Display screen on the Genius:
    Signature Capture for a document on the Genius:
    Document Signature Capture screen on the iPad: