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For Retail Pro Business Partners: How To Use This Site

Type Of Products

M&M offers two types of products for Retail Pro: Custom and Off-The-Shelf.

Custom products are "one-off" projects for specific end-users and are done per the specifications
outlined in a Statement of Work. Each custom project has a project cost. These products are not available
through the web site.

Off-The-Shelf products are add-ons that have been developed by M&M and apply to all Retail Pro
end-users. These products are found in the Retail Pro App market and are available from this web site.

Business Partner Logins

A verified Business Partner Login is required to download products from this site and purchase licenses.
To obtain a verified login, do the following:
From the Home Page, click the Create a New Login link.
Enter your email address and a password.
Click Submit.
When you click Submit an email is sent to us. When we receive it, we will verify your login as a valid Retail Pro
Business Partner. When verified, you will receive an email stating that your login has been verified and is active.
The next time you log into the site, you will able able to download products, purchase licenses, have your license
emailed to you and upgrade license files.

Product Pages

When you have logged in with a verified BP login, the product pages have a different appearance. You will see
pricing information; links for installation and user manuals; Download buttons to download the product; and
Add To Cart buttons to purchase licenses.


All Off-The-Shelf products are downloaded from this web site. The downloads are in .zip file format.
Go to a product page and click the Download button to download a product.


All Off-The-Shelf products are licensed and the licenses are purchased from this web site. Licenses are sold
either by User ID, User ID/Number Of Inventories, UserID/Number of Devices or UserID/Number of Workstations.
When purchasing a license, you can pay by credit card or check.
If you pay by credit card, the license is available immediately. If you pay by check, the license
is released when we receive your check.
License files are not required for dealer User IDs. This means you can download the product and test
or demo it without a license file. However, you do need a verified Business Partner Login to download.

Where's My Stuff?

All licenses are stored on our server and available at any time.
For products that use license files, the file can be emailed to you:
Login using your BP login, go to the Licenses page, locate the license you want, click on it and it will
be sent to your email address.
Subscription licenses do not use a license file. Subscription licenses are verified over the Internet
at the time of use from the end-user's system.

Adding Inventories, Devices and Workstations To Licenses

If an end-user has a license that is by number of inventories and adds a store, they will need a new license
for the new total number of inventories. To add inventories to a license, login using your BP login. Go to
the Licenses page. Locate the license. Click the Add Inventories button. Enter the new total number of
inventories. Then follow through and pay by credit card or check for the upgraded license. Note that you will
only be charged for the number of inventories added.

To add a device or workstation for device and workstation based licenses, login using your BP login. Go to
the Licenses page. Locate the license. Click the Add Devices or Add Workstations button.
Note: When adding a device or workstation to a subscription based license, the license fee is prorated
to the next renewal date.

Rewnewing Subscription Licenses

To renew a subscription license, login using your BP login. Go to
the Licenses page. Locate the license. Click the Renew License link.


Please feel free to contact us if you need any assistance using the site.
We have automated the process of downloading products and purchasing licenses as much as possible.
This automation helps us keep the cost of licenses very low. So we do appreciate it when you can use the site as is.