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User-To-User Messaging System for V8 and V9

Send messages directly to other Retail Pro users.
Uses the Retail Pro Login has the recipient ID.
Messages pop-up automatically in the recipients Retail Pro screen.
New messages can be displayed on Login or from the Customer, Inventory,
Receipt, Sales Order or Purchase Order screens.
Allows the user to set up "Quick Pick" messages which are one-line messages available from a drop down.
Works for V8 and V9 and hybrids (send Messages to V8 systems from V9 and vice versa).
Licenses are good for V8 and V9.
Contact Your Retail Pro Reseller to purchase this product.
When new messages are detected by the system they are automatically displayed on the user's screen in Retail Pro:

Messages are sent to individual Logins or Groups:

Setup parameters determine where and how often the system checks for new messages:

A utility at the V8 Main or V9 HQ system is used to confgure the Logins and Groups: