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M&M Mark n Mail (Retail Pro Version 8.52)

M&M's Mark n Mail modification allows your clients to mark customers based on a
variety of criteria and send emails to customers based on the Customer Mark fields.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Mark 'n Mail uses the ASPEmail component available from www.Persists.com.
This component is free but has premium features that require a license and licensing fee.
Among the premium features is SMTP Authentication. Users whose email servers require
SMTP Authentication (or other premium features) will need to purchase a license or licenses
for the ASPEmail component. There are various licensing models. See the ASPEmail web page for details.


Contact your Retail Pro Reseller for pricing and to purchase this modification.

View the Installation Manual.

View the User Manual

The Mark Customer screen is displayed using a side button on the Customer List and
Form View sceens. This is where the Customer and Receipt filter information is set up.
The filters are used to determine which Customers should have their Mark fields set.

In the Customer Filter section, ranges of Zip Code, Last Sale Date, Store Credit, Charge Balance and a UDF field can be used to select customers. An Aux field can also be used with matches to multiple entries for the Aux field.

In the Receipt Filter section you can specify a date range of receipts that should be included for checking the criteria. Based on the receipts in the date range, the Purchse Total and/or line item information can be used to select customers.

The Email Customer screen is used to set up and send emails:

There are a variety of email settings that control the From and Reply To addresses. You can send individual emails or bulk emails using BCC and also add attachments.

The Email section is where the email subject and body are set up. The email body can contain tags such as <FirstName> or <StoreCredit> that are replaced with the actual Customer field values when the email is sent. The "Send Sample" button allows you to send a sample email to yourself so you can see what customers will receive.
In addition, the entire email set up can be saved as a "package" and then loaded at a future date. This includes all mark settings, email settings, subject and body.