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Customer Sales Order Tracking System (Retail Pro 8-Series 8.52 and Above)

Track customer Sales Orders from SOs to Purchase Orders to Receiving!!

Don't miss another customer order in receiving.

  • Generate Purchase Orders from Sales Orders using the built-in PO Generator.
  • The built-in generator combines items from multiple SOs into POs by vendor.
  • Generates Drop Ship/Marked For Single or Multi-Store POs.
  • Or - add items to the tracking system directly from any PO created using Generate PO from the SO screen.
  • View the Customer Sales Orders associated with a PO at any time.
  • PRINT the Customer Sales Order information on any PO Doc Design.
  • Automatically alerts the user when a PO with SO items is added to a Voucher.
  • Data is polled to Remotes. So you can generate POs at the Main and receive at Remotes.
  • View the SO information for items on a Voucher.
  • PRINT the Customer Sales Order information on any Voucher Doc Design.
  • View the Purchase Order information for the items on any SO.
  • Set up Vendor UDF fields for minimum quantity and/or PO total and check all POs against minimums.
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    View the Installation Manual (PDF)

    View the User Manual (PDF)

    Contact your Retail Pro Reseller for pricing and to purchase this modification.

    Generate POs from SOs Screen
    Use this screen to generate POs from selected SOs. Set up a prefix for POs if desired.
    Use Vendor UDF fields for minimum quantity and/or total to check the POs against minimums.
    View SO Information for any PO:
    Print SO Information on any PO or Voucher Design
    This means that at receiving, a document can be printed at any printer showing what customer SO items were just received:
    View PO Information for any SO: