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Customer Information Formatter (Retail Pro 8-Series 8.52 and Above)

The Customer Information Formatter puts the Customer Address fields into a standard
format and reduces Cashier errors when entering Customer information.
This modification also formats the Customer phone numbers.

Contact Your Retail Pro Reseller for pricing and to purchase this modification.

The Formatter uses Custom Fields for City and State on the Customer Information view.
In addition, phone numbers are formatted in one of two ways (user selectable):
Operation at POS is completely transparent to the Cashier. The Cashier just enters the City and State.
The City and State are stored in the Address 3 field and are accessible in all Retail Pro operations.
Format preferences are set from the Workstation using a
"Info Format" button on the side menu and an "Info Format" form:
The "Use City,State (Comma)" checkbox determines whether or not
a comma is used to separate City and State in the Address 3 field.
Phone numbers can be formatted as (xxx) xxx-xxxx or xxx-xxx-xxxx.
The Default Area Code is automatically added to 7-digit phone numbers.
You can even specify the labels for the Phone 1 and phone 2 fields for clarity.
The "Format" button will re-format all Customer addresses and phone numbers.
(See the Install Guide for details).

View the Customer Info Formatter Install Guide (PDF)

View the Customer Info Formatter User Manual (PDF)