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Cross Sell (Suggested Sales) (Retail Pro 8-Series 8.52 and Above)

This modification allows users to set up "Master Items" and "Suggested Items".
When a Master Item is added to a Receipt or Sales Order, the modification
displays a list of the suggested items.
The cashier can select one or more suiggested items and they are added to the
Receipt or Sales Order.

Contact Your Retail Pro Reseller for pricing and to purchase this modification.

Cross Sell items are set up from a side button on
the Inventory Item screen on the Retail Pro Main:
The Cross Sell setup allows you to enter any number of
Master Items and Suggested Items for each Master Item:
Changes to Master and Suggested Items are automatically polled to all Remotes in the next polling cycle.
At POS, when a "Master Item" is added to a Receipt or Sales Order, the Suggested Item display is shown:
If the Cashier selects Suggested Items, they are added to the Reciept or Sales Order.

View the Cross Sell Setup Manual (PDF)

View the Cross Sell POS User Manual (PDF)