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Customer Kiosk - Customer Information

Customer Identification, Information Capture and Information Verification
  • Customers can enter phone or email at the kiosk to identify themselves.
  • Customers can enter or verify their information on the kiosk.
  • Customer information includes name and optionally address, email, one or two phone numbers, birthday (with or without year), email opt-in, phone opt-in, post opt-in.
  • Works with receipts and sales orders.
  • User-defined text and labels.
  • Subscription License By Number of iPads
  • Centralized licensing.
  • iPads can be assigned to any subsidiary/store/workstation.
  • Installation by install executable.
  • Click Here To See The Demonstration Video

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    Sample Customer Information Capture screen on the iPad (all information):
    This screen can be customized in Setup on the Retail Pro side to include only the information the user wants with their wording.